Mystery Shopping

Intermedia Communications Mystery Shopping
Gain insight through the customer experience

INTERMEDIA COMMUNICATIONS mystery shoppers blend into the crowd to accurately report on your business, providing objective feedback on your most important touch-points. Our methodology allows you to rate and compare – between outlet locations, employees, and competitors – on a wide range of vital issues. Anonymous evaluation is an unbiased tool for better understanding both weaknesses and strengths, driving performance improvements. By gaining insight into your customers’ experiences, you will know exactly why they are coming back – and/or why they are not.

How does it work?
Our methods are customized according to your needs, objectives and standards – everything from questionnaire design to final report. INTERMEDIA COMMUNICATIONS mystery shoppers are trained in all things “customer,” such as general inquiries, complaints and routine transactions. INTERMEDIA COMMUNICATIONS Mystery Shopping has the scope and resources to work across cities and national level.

We will help you to:
• Develop scenarios and support for the shops
• Determine evaluation criteria and scores
• Conduct fieldwork according to defined scenarios
• Evaluate results both case-by-case and overall

Get a pulse on employee performance
Mystery shopping provides insight into how your employees are performing in-store. Through carefully crafted situations, mystery shoppers can help managers identify training needs, measure training efforts, track performance over time, and ensure that employees are compliant with procedures.

What exactly do we measure?
Common areas of feedback include:
• Cleanliness
• Courtesy
• Customer service
• Employee appearance
• Product /service knowledge
• Professionalism
• Speed of service

Departments which benefit:
• Customer Service – Quality and Service Control
• Human Resources – Appraisals, Bonus’ and Incentives
• Marketing – Customer Feedback
• Training – Products and Services

Who needs Mystery Shopping?
Successful businesses rely on the quality of interaction between employees and customers. Mystery shopping is relevant in any service-based industry. Industries include: retail, technology, leisure, hospitality, FMCG, home improvement, government, transportation, or any other industry that is employee-customer centric.
• Daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly topline reporting enables you to identify and respond to issues without having to wait for data collection to end.
• With over 30 mystery shoppers available, we will put the right shoppers on the right job for you.