Mobile Advertising

A new era in marketing has begun with the launch of The Mobile Advantage Company (MAD) in Pakistan. Quality brands now have the opportunity to join reach up to 100 million prospects in a matter of minutes.

Identifying a significant gap in the traditional marketing campaigns and realizing the opportunity that mobile penetration has breached across geographical, social economic lifestyles and educational/language barriers to become the widest used communications media in Pakistan, we realize Mobile advertising makes a lot of sense.

For illustration purposes there are an estimated 11 million television sets, 5 million desktop computers, 15 million radios (including radio inbuilt in mobile phones) and 2 million newspapers and magazines printed (daily). In contrast there are at least 75 million mobile users who regularly view their mobile screens many times a day, as it is a personal device allowing its user flexibility based on time, location and preference. The channel hopping phenomena does not exist as is prevalent with TV and Radio channels so you are guaranteed that the prospect will see the advertisement which is sent to their respective mobile phone. It would be appropriate to mention that segmentation is difficult with traditional media and quantifiable results are also vague at best.